Friday, December 16, 2011

Missing the Mat

I’ve been under the weather for two weeks now.  That means two whole weeks of no mat time.  I’m not as bummed as you might think.  I do miss the gym and my buddies and training, but sometimes my old lady body just says “I Give”.  I also need to have a little “RFTC” done on my neck and shoulder…that’s not cosmetic surgery is case you were wondering…it’s radio frequency waves destroying nerves by my spine (yeah…you might not think I’m that old, but my spine thinks it’s about 80).  I’ve been able to go two years since my last procedure, which is awesome, and now my neck is sort of screaming for a little attention.  It’s a very routine procedure (at least to me), and I will feel like a million bucks afterwards…and maybe I will not feel so weird about forward rolls and judo rolls and backwards roll…just hoping for a miracle there!  So I hope this finds everyone in a good place as this year comes to an end.  As for myself, I can’t complain.  My jiu jitsu is getting better, one little baby step at a time, and for that I am grateful.  Right now I’m thinking about my goals for 2012.  I have some things in mind, but I’m a little afraid to put them in writing or say them out loud.  It’s too scary.  I’ll have to mull them over and over and over, and then maybe I’ll share them with you.   :)

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