Friday, September 28, 2012

Common Sense-LESS

Do you ever wonder how you’re going to make it through the day without literally stabbing someone in the eye with a fork?  Worse, now that I know jiu jitsu, how am I supposed to make it through the day without dreaming about taking people down, then proceeding to choke them, armbar them, or triangle them…oh wait…I know Muay Thai too…spinning back kick to the body or head would work too…darn…I might get in a wee bit of trouble if I did that.  That’s what happens when you are surrounded with the common senseless.  Plus, a girl can dream can’t she…there is no harm in that…whatever it takes to make it through the day.  Since I can’t do any of the above, I’m going to celebrate quitting time and no-gi classes on Fridays instead.  Warning to my wonderful training partners at Dirty Bay…you guys will just have to bear the brunt of my angst…sorry…that’s the price you pay for being good training partners.   

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Anything is possible

Last Wednesday was possibly one of the best days ever!  It was my 20th wedding anniversary (WOOHOO!!  We did it honey, and here’s to many, many more).  It’s not often you have a spouse that completely and utterly supports your love affair with jiu jitsu.  Not only did I celebrate 20 years of marriage, but I got my blue belt.  You heard me right…Mrs. Ibarra finally got her blue belt (it only took me 27 months).  I was honestly beginning to think I would be the oldest living white belt alive.  Coach took me completely by surprise.  It was a surreal moment...hearing my name called and seeing coach holding that blue belt....shaking and fumbling and crying a little bit.  But I am honored and happy and excited and thrilled and a little nervous.  Tonight I will tie that new blue belt around my waist for the first time and train.  The journey continues...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

They say time heals everything...I'm still waiting

I’m missing my Dad today.  While most of the world was watching in horror at the events as they unfolded on 9/11/2001, my Dad was in the last stages of his fight with cancer.  It was a tough day already, we were exhausted on every front…mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually…and then 9/11 happened.  I couldn’t tell you much about that day, or the days that followed.  My Dad lived only 16 more days after that and we were focused on taking care of him and we were grieving.  It had been a long battle with cancer, brutal on the body and soul, he fought hard, but he didn’t win.  I wouldn’t say that I was a Daddy’s girl, but I would say that my Dad and me were kindred spirits.  We had similar feelings about life and love and people and second chances.  He always gave people second chances.  He felt people were always worth another try.  He always saw the good in people, until they showed him otherwise.  I’m sort of like that…maybe a bit more cynical that he was…but I do tend to see the good in people, unless they show me otherwise.  He was my sounding board when things were sucky at work, when I was having a difficult time with people.  He always gave me good advice.  Always be on time.  Do your best.  Work hard.  Be dependable.  And my favorite, don’t burn your bridges with someone…one day they might be your boss (oh Dad, if you only knew).  Well today I was wishing he was here to be my sounding board, but he’s not.  And all day I get reminded what a horrible day 9/11/2001 was.  Trust me, I will never forget.