Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ants in my pants

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been busy, busy, busy, busy.  Working on a special project and traveling for work and being the awesome band and football Mom that I am…I’ve been out supporting my kid’s activities.  I’m a very proud Mama right now.  The kids are doing awesome.  Work…now that’s another story.  But, never fear, Mrs. Ibarra can NOT stay off the mats for very long without getting really, really antsy, and right now I’ve got ants in my pants.  I’m also on the fence about doing a Turkey Fit 4-week challenge that our CrossFit gym is doing.  It sounds good and it could really keep me on track…I just don’t know.   I’ve got a few more hours to think about it.  Of course I’ve waited until the last minute because registration ends tonight at 10 pm.  OH…decisions….decisions.  I like the idea of being weighed and measured and being held accountable and having someone coach me through all of it…I just don’t like the idea of having pictures taken…I’m not exactly a spring chicken folks.  Anyway, going to think about it for a bit longer and decide before 10 pm tonight.  If you’ve got inspiring words of wisdom to help me out…let me have ‘em! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unlocking your jiu jitsu brain

In my very first blog post the last thing I said was…
I want my jiu jitsu to become a thing of beauty.  I watch some of our guys and their jiu jitsu is so graceful and fluid and beautiful.  That's what I want mine to be like.  I believe that someday it will be.
I’ve gone through a period where I didn’t think that my jiu jitsu could ever be any of those things.  I thought it would always be sluggish, muddy, and choppy.  Thankfully, something has started to change in me, in my jiu jitsu.  I feel the slightest shift in the current.  For a long time I felt like my jiu jitsu brain had a big, giant padlock on it.  No matter what I tried or did, no matter how badly I wanted it unlocked, it wouldn’t budge…it was locked tight.  Fast forward…new gym, new coach, new teammates, I was hesitant, scared, reserved.  What if it was me?  What if I wasn’t coachable?  What if I just wasn’t meant for this jiu jitsu stuff?  Slowly, I felt a shift…in my mind and then in my body.  I really started to listen, observe, ask questions, try and then try some more.  That padlock on my brain and my body started to loosen up…then…CLICK…its OPEN!    
I know there are many more padlocks hidden away in my jiu jitsu brain that still need to be unlocked.  I’m ready…
I want my jiu jitsu to become a thing of beauty….fluid and graceful and beautiful.  I KNOW that someday it will be.