Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unlocking your jiu jitsu brain

In my very first blog post the last thing I said was…
I want my jiu jitsu to become a thing of beauty.  I watch some of our guys and their jiu jitsu is so graceful and fluid and beautiful.  That's what I want mine to be like.  I believe that someday it will be.
I’ve gone through a period where I didn’t think that my jiu jitsu could ever be any of those things.  I thought it would always be sluggish, muddy, and choppy.  Thankfully, something has started to change in me, in my jiu jitsu.  I feel the slightest shift in the current.  For a long time I felt like my jiu jitsu brain had a big, giant padlock on it.  No matter what I tried or did, no matter how badly I wanted it unlocked, it wouldn’t budge…it was locked tight.  Fast forward…new gym, new coach, new teammates, I was hesitant, scared, reserved.  What if it was me?  What if I wasn’t coachable?  What if I just wasn’t meant for this jiu jitsu stuff?  Slowly, I felt a shift…in my mind and then in my body.  I really started to listen, observe, ask questions, try and then try some more.  That padlock on my brain and my body started to loosen up…then…CLICK…its OPEN!    
I know there are many more padlocks hidden away in my jiu jitsu brain that still need to be unlocked.  I’m ready…
I want my jiu jitsu to become a thing of beauty….fluid and graceful and beautiful.  I KNOW that someday it will be.


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