Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I have been feeling horrible lately. Feels like my body is betraying me.  Chronic joint pain. Pinched nerves in my neck giving me grief. Shoulder, well we won't speak of it.  What's an old gal to do?  Go train. Stay home and rest. Go and watch. Hmmmm.  It's a tough one for me. Last week I opted out. Now I'm thinking that was a mistake because I feel worse. So tonight I will dust off my pride and suck it up and go train. I know there is not a magic pill that will make all my aches and pains go away. Jiu jitsu has helped me survive the last 5 plus years. I fear that had I not started training I would have just given in to the pain. Jiu jitsu saved me. That's the thing I have to cling to. It's grace keeps me from ever going back to that girl I was before. Peace. Love. Beautiful Jiu Jitsu. 


  1. You're great woman! I sometimes want to not go just because of a back ache or injured shoulder. I admire your hard charging! ; )

    Combat Nation has been the greatest therapy I ever had. It beats every Veterans Affair group therapy, month long inpatient programs, and medicine. For me I feel that the only medicine I need is a good environment with great (not just good) people around, just like you guys at Combat Nation.

    1. I hear Coach's voice "The only hard part is getting here. I'll take of the rest." then the smile he gives us. hehe.