Friday, September 23, 2011

Carnival Rides and Girls in Gis-Austin

The carnival ride (aka, my wild and wacky life) just got a lot rougher these last few weeks.  My little band nerd #2 is having a very rough time at school.  He's behind in reading and it's affecting him in all areas.  Plus we think we might be dealing with a learning disability and/or ADD.  But that's a thought for another post...not today.  I was all geared up to compete this Saturday, and then the Texas Open was canceled and rescheduled for November 19th. Wow, what a let down.  For the first time in a long time, my head was in the game, and my mind was right, maybe not my body, but again, that's the topic of another blog post as well.  There's nothing like that to burst your bubble, take the wind out of your sails and completely derail the train.  Maybe it was just meant to be.  It's been an extremely difficult week helping my son with his homework and if I had trained Monday through Wednesday as originally planned, it would have been even more difficult.  I'm trying to stay positive, but it's been one long week.  My crew and I decided we are still taking a road trip to Austin, now there's just no hurry to get there.  We'll saunter into town on Saturday late afternoon and hang out and then sleep in a little bit and go to Girls in Gis at Trainers Elite MMA.  I was just on the verge of abandoning the idea of the road trip today and then I talked to the husband.  He said I/we needed to go.  He made me smile and he made me laugh and boy did that feel good after this week of frustration and worries and tears.  Thank goodness for an awesome mate (now if I could just get him to try jiu jitsu and fall in love with it like perfect would that be??)!  If you are in the Austin area on Sunday at Noon and want to check it out, go to Trainer's Elite MMA, 9225 W. Parmer Ln, Suite 105.  I will be there with the MMA Lady and my daughter (band nerd #1) and so will a lot of other really cool BJJ ladies.  I'm looking forward to it.  There's really nothing like a little jiu jitsu therapy to get your mind right!! :D

Stay tuned for my first interview series with a certain black belt that we all know and love (or at least you know and love him if he's your coach at Elite MMA in Baytown)!

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  1. It was a great trip! Did that certain black belt turn his interview in to you????