Friday, July 13, 2012

We are never too old for a little homework

How many of you out there remember homework?  You know that thing your teachers used to torture you with just to make your lives miserable.  I have been out of school for more years that I’m going to admit here, but I still remember homework.  The funny thing about jiu jitsu, the movements required of our bodies are not always intuitive and they especially don’t feel natural, they feel quite unnatural.  So, that brings me back to homework.  Does your instructor give you homework?  Mine does.  Are you jealous yet?  It’s usually a drill we can do alone or with a partner at home, that relates directly to the technique we worked that night.  It’s great for getting in reps of a movement and getting our bodies used to something new….it helps it become familiar, not so unnatural.  I am a very, very slow learner, so I need that.  I’m going to challenge myself (and my daughter) to be committed to doing this homework on our off days.  This kind of homework isn’t so bad.  Did I make you have flashback to middle school?  Sorry about that.  What things do your instructors do that you like, or are effective during class.  Please share!  :D


  1. Drilling is so important, it's really cool that he gives you homework! I feel guilty that I don't drill enough at home (especially since I have a mat now). I guess I need my mom to nag me to do it ;)

  2. I like the homework idea...I usually end up repping in my mind. That is, if I can remember the technique!