Monday, August 6, 2012

If you Start it...Finish it!

Wow.  I can’t believe that we’ve only got three more weeks of summer vacation for the kiddos.  Where did all the lazy days of summer go?  I guess it’s time to get it in gear and get them prepared for a new school year.  I enjoy summer, even though I still work full time.  I don’t have to worry about homework, or last minute school projects they forgot to tell me about and we need a poster board and art supplies, or making sure they have lunch money or checking for lost permission slips or making sure there aren’t things I need to read in the binder or my all-time favorite “Mom, I need to wear my band shirt tomorrow (it’s 10 pm at night) and it’s dirty, can you wash it for me”.  I could go on, but you probably understand why I like summer now.  Summer is more than a break for the kids; it’s a break for Mom too.  This summer I made some great changes.  New gym, new way of eating, new way of training + introduction of Crossfit = making progress (measured in baby steps of course, but progress nonetheless).  I’m opening my mind to the infinite possibilities.  I’m amazed at the things my body can do now and the things my mind comprehends that it didn’t two years ago when I first started training.  It doesn’t matter that I’m the last one to finish the warm-up drills or that I have the least number of reps, what matters is that I finish.  If I start it, I finish it.  If you catch me trying to sell myself short, just remind me…If You Start It, Finish It! 
Now here’s a little something I’m going to be doing on Saturday.  I will be making the drive to Farmers Branch (past Dallas) to attend a Women’s BJJ Seminar by Hannette Staack.  I don’t know if there are any spots left, but just in case, you can check it out at   I was a lucky one; I get in free because I will be wearing one of my many fabulous Fenom Gis.  How sweet is that?  Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


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