Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quiet Please!

I'm trying not to listen to that little voice.  You know the one...the one that talks you out of doing things or talks you into doing things...the one that sits on your shoulder and second guesses what you already know in your heart.  Well my little voice is trying really hard to talk me out of competing in the Texas Open.  I told myself that I was going to do this tournament no matter what.  No matter what that little voice says to me.  By now you probably think I'm a little nuts.  Well, maybe I am.  I started BJJ at 43 and now I'm 44.  Heck, it's not easy to compete when your 24 much less 44.  They don't have a seniors or masters division for the ladies.  So, I'm going to suck it up and just do it.  No more second guessing.  Okay, now that the little voice is quiet...it's time for this little old lady to get busy training.  

Shout out to Fight to Win for giving us ladies free tournament entry for attending the second anniversary of Girls in Gis.  Now if that's not a good reason to compete, I don't know what is!! :D

1 comment:

  1. Yes.

    You must compete.


    You are most certainly not nuts.


    We of the 40 have to suck it up. But oh well. We are setting an example for other women.

    Go forth and proceed with the conquering.