Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Things a Jiu Jitsu Girl Wants for Valentine's Day

Mrs. Ibarra’s top 10 things a jiu jitsu girl wants for Valentine’s Day:
1.   A private lesson with her favorite instructor.
2.   A cool new rash guard (can be in a girly color, except baby pink...check out BudoVideos, they've got a great selection of everything jiu jitsu or look for a good deal of the day at MMAHQ or BJJHQ, I just got the Scramble 3/4" sleeve rash guard for almost half the regular price).
3.   A cool new jiu jitsu t-shirt (check out Prana Kimonos and CTRL Industries and Fenom Kimonos...these are some of my favorite jiu jitsu t-shirts).
4.   A one month membership to your local CrossFit gym.
5.   A family membership to the local YMCA (where you can take cardio kickboxing classes).
6.   A deluxe spa pedicure (because let’s face it, jiu jitsu is very hard on a girls feet).
7.   A one hour massage (not from the significant other, but from a real massage therapist).
8.   A session with your acupuncturist (this isn’t for everyone, but my idea of heaven).
9.   Entry fee paid to your next grappling or jiu jitsu tournament.
I will take any of the above on any given day, but heck, what better way to show your love than getting your valentine a really cool gift.  I’m just like the next girl, I love flowers (daisies, not roses) and romantic dinners, and chocolate (good grief, do I love chocolate), but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants…today I want cool jiu jitsu stuff.