Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Dinners and Juicers and Weight Loss Woes

Still sick.  No training for me or my kids this week.  I'm getting antsy to get back on the mats, but I feel so horrible it would be no use.  A few more days of rest should do the trick.  The silver lining to all this sickness, I actually came home from work and cooked dinner for my family.  Then we all sat down together and ate and talked.  It was a nice change from our usual rushed routine.  

Just finished watching a really cool documentary on Netflix called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".  It was eye opening and inspiring.  You can check out their website at for more information and to watch a trailer to the movie.  I'm going to seriously contemplate buying a juicer.  Anyone have any experience in this area?  It sounds like just the thing I need to kick-start my weight loss again.  I really need something to get me over this hump. 

I've been tracking my weight, day and night.  No fun.  I was really against weighing myself at night...I never did that before...but I'm doing it to humor my coach.  I will admit though, a pattern has emerged.  Being sick has sort of derailed my training and cardio for the past two weeks.  Hoping to get back at it next week.  Another week of tracking and I should be ready to report back to my coach.  
My weight loss (or lack thereof) has been a sore spot for me these last few months.  I always saw steady results or at least no gain when I did cardio kickboxing, but when I shifted over to only jiu jitsu it hasn't had the same result.  My body can't take training jiu jitsu five days a week like it could cardio kickboxing.  I'm having trouble finding the time for any extra cardio.  I've been doing a little bit at lunch...15 minutes or so, but that is not enough.  I need a good, continuous 45 minutes to make a difference.  Plus, I'm the sort of gal that really needs a coach yelling at me and kicking my butt to exercise.  I'm open to ideas here too.


  1. For weight loss - and just feeling awesome - I would recommend changing up your whole approach.

    You should go pick up New Rules of Lifting for Women. It has a program that is great for beginners. (Though a lot of additional research is necessary to be sure you're doing the lifts right.)

    It also talks about High Intensity Interval Training - a much more effective weight loss method than boring old cardio. To motivate myself to go hard during HIIT, I have a timed playlist through iTunes. Having a sick beat to bike/run/elliptical to is sort of like having someone yell at you! :)

    Even if you don't start lifting, start doing HIIT. It will be a much better use of your 15 minutes!

    1. Thanks Ashley. I will definitely check it out. I'm trying to open my mind to new ways of doing things. :)